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Colliers State of the Food Industry 2021

Feb 24, 2021

It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has profoundly impacted virtually every industry worldwide. Perhaps one of the most evident and most crucial sectors hit has been the food industry. The effects were quickly apparent as stories ranging from food shortages to food waste and processing plant closures decorated headlines across the United States and worldwide. However, these stories just scratched the surface of a systemic issue throughout the entire food supply chain.

In the Colliers State of the Food Industry 2021 report, the Colliers Food Advisory Services team takes a look behind-the-scenes to uncover how COVID-19 has affected the entire food industry’s supply chain. This report will review the following:

  • The pandemic’s effect on food demand and consumption
  • The response of food distribution and cold storage to changes in food consumption
  • How cold storage third-party logistics (3PLs) are being affected by the pandemic
  • The challenges compounding for food manufacturers and processors during the pandemic
  • How food industry real estate investors, developers and owners can leverage the changes for long-term success



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